After the amazing response we had from the launch of the website we have now activated the gyms that you told us you want to use!  You can now start buying ePasses using the credit you have added to your eWallet.  More gyms in London are being added all the time, and we will be expanding across the whole of the UK over the next few months so keep coming back to see the latest news!

It's really simple, just create your free account via the Registration button, top up your eWallet with credit and then find a gym that you want to go to!  When you make a purchase you will receive your ePass by text or by email, or you can even just write the code down and take it to gym reception with you.  When you arrive at the gym just tell the reception staff your ePass code, they will check your ID to make sure they have the right person (don't forget to take ID!), and then away you go!

Once you have been to the gym please don't forget to come back to to leave feedback on your experience so that other customers know what to expect and so that we can make sure you had a great time.

This is just the first wave of gyms, we have many more lined up and will be added to the website over the coming days and weeks.  So make sure you check back frequently for the latest news!   

You can help us grow by telling us which gyms you want to use – get in touch today (be specific!)

Hussle author:  neil