When a new product like Facebook, Twitter or our very own Hussle.com becomes available it's often difficult to send a precise message to new customers telling them what it is all about and why they should use it!  I've described Hussle.com about a million times and I don't think I've ever used the same description twice (although when you start me, I won't stop talking about it!).

The internet is a great communication tool but with so much information available and new sites popping up all the time, very few people have the patience to really read through and understand  what is on offer (I am incredibly guilty of this). Having been sleeping, eating and breathing Hussle.com for so long it is very difficult for us as  to truly know whether our website describes our product well enough.

We’ve tried really hard to keep Hussle.com and the process of using one of our gyms as simple as possible but over the last few weeks we’ve realised that we need to give you guys more information as you get used to using the gyms in London. So here are some key points about how Hussle.com works….

  • The process is really simple and stress free, you don’t need a gym card or cash, just your ePass when you go to the gym
  • There are no membership or up-front fees at all
  • You can only use an ePass once for one visit, then you must purchase another to use the gym again
  • You don’t have to have an induction as long as you tell us you are fit and healthy enough!

Hopefully this helps, but in the meantime if you have any more feedback send us an e-mail to info@hussle.com and we’ll try and implement any changes you recommend!