When you struggle to stick to your weekly workout schedule you might beat yourself up for not doing well enough. That’s totally the wrong way to think.

Instead, try to embrace the workouts you can do and make them more productive. That way, even three workouts a week will be enough to keep you fit.

Your aim should be to include two full-body strength training sessions and one session of cardio. This is enough to help you achieve any weight loss goals, tone muscles and maintain heart health.

Following the tips below will help you get the most from your 3 weekly sessions:


As our energy plummets during the day, it’s easy to lose enthusiasm for working out later. Get it done first thing in the morning and, no matter what the day brings, you’ve done your gym session. Exercise before breakfast and you might add even more benefits as studies suggest hungry workouts can be more efficient


Don’t mindlessly hit the treadmill first – research shows that starting your session with a strength workout and moving onto cardio within 20 minutes helps tap into your fat stores more efficiently. Also, pounding the treadmill first can sap your strength, leaving you too exhausted for a decent weights workout. Head for the weight room first thing in the morning and you’ll feel even fresher.


Nothing beats interval training or HIIT for efficiency and results. You will burn more calories in a shorter time period, and you raise your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours afterwards. So forget the long runs, challenge yourself instead to do a high-intensity cycling session, include a 10 minute HIIT session, or add 30-second sprints to your run.


When a busy day stops you getting to the gym, don’t throw in the towel. Grab any spare moment to exercise and use NEAT to add movement to your daily life.   This could include doing 10 squats every hour, 20 lunges every time you boil the kettle, getting off the train a stop early or making one meeting with colleagues a walking meeting.